Online Marketing Strategies

Reach the highest potential online customer base.

Get Your Brand And Company Noticed Online

Our on-line marketing strategies are constantly being re-developed and refined. The internet changes almost daily with regard to how customers find your products and we employ in house experts as well as top-notch consultants to make sure we are in the right place at the right time.

  • Social media community building and campaigns.
  • Product reviews, site reviews and content sharing.
  • Videos product demos and links into our stores.
  • Blog and content marketing.
  • Continuous creation of quality text content, keywords and meta data.
  • Professionally written product articles.
  • Product feed connection points.
  • Paid text, image and banner ads based on keywords and site alternative complementary site properties.
  • Linking strategies from other industry expert properties.
  • Promotions, contests and giveaways to build interest.
  • Permission based email marketing.
  • Product and site competitive analysis.
  • Event region and demographic targeting.
  • Web analytics data monitored, mined and utilized to:
    • Identify personas shopping site; "feed" customized conversion content.
    • Identify top entry and exit points, keywords searched, conversions yielded, make edits / adjustments that increase conversions.
    • Identify and strengthen weaknesses, use to increase conversions (sales).
    • Analytics data drives site tweaks, edits, new content.
    • Analytics data helps drive social media strategy and tactics deployed.
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We are an innovative, full service eCommerce company that quickly adapts to new web technology.

  • Founded in 2001
  • Strong roots in wireless mobility solutions
  • Self funded with no outside investment
  • US and Canadian distribution warehouses


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